Partner di progetto

Established by the stakeholders of the territory on June 7, 2006 thanks to a dediacated project co-funded by the Commission, the Energy Agency AGIRE implement locally Community policies with a global vision. Agency for Intelligent Management of Energy Resources.

Among the main consortium partners figures the Province of Mantua, which entrusted with the agency the preparation of the Provincial Energy Plan as planning tool for sustainable energy policies in direct connection with the EU 2020 objectives.
AGIRE is local promoter of the implementation of the three pillars of the so-called 20-20-20 package there that the EU has laid to member Countries with specific objectives: renewable sources exploitation, energy saving and energy efficiency; with particular attention to the local authorities, small and medium enterprises, farms, families, representing a challenge to the reduction of climate-changing gas emissions, promotiing of sustainable public transport, public’s awareness of both sustainable economic development and green innovation.
AGIRE is also recognized by Lombardy Region as Center for Research and Technology Transfer -CRTT by the regional Questio-Open Innovation system and therefore acts as tutor for fund raising related to regional research priorities and innovation projects on regional strategic sectors.
As a partner in the LIFE project-diadems, AGIRE manage the fine task of planning and developing the project communication and dissemination.