Networking Activities and Cross Dissemination

One of the dissemination activities envisaged by the DIADEME project is to exchange experiences with other EU financed projects, useful for sharing information about technologies and solutions applied, regulations and standards to comply with or to participate in the creation of common EU guidelines on dynamic lighting.
In 2017 DIADEME experts participated, in Cesena, in a Workshop promoted by the Interreg DYNAMIC LIGHT project committed to the creation of small pilot sites using adaptive light technology.
On 6 June 2019, Eng. Paolo di Lecce and Eng. Andrea Mancinelli, head and project manager of DIADEME project, presented the adaptive lighting system installed in Rome during the Final Conference of the Life-DYNAMAP project, committed to the creation of a system of acoustic dynamic mapping, using a network of low-cost sensors to detect in real time the acoustic impact generated by road infrastructures. It was really appreciated the possibility to have common future development on research and applications, while DIADEME was well considered for the technological solutions adopted.
The 11 July 2019, in Milan, DIADEME experts participated in the Mid-Term Conference of Life PrepAIR project, whose partners, Region and ARPA from many Regions in Northern Italy (Lombardy, Piemonte, etc.), proposed effective actions for the improvement of air quality in the Padany Plain.
Finally, during the first half of 2019, there were some meetings with experts from the Life-Monza and Life-Harmonica projects, both working on noise monitoring. The output Harmonica Index was really important for the realization of the technology at the base of the sensors tested in DIADEME System for monitoring city noise.