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Intelligent light piles arrive in Rome. Starting point for experimentation with the new EUR lighting regulation system

Energy saving and sustainability thanks to the installation of 1,000 sensors

Rome, 24 May 2018 – Start in Rome, in the EUR quarter, the first experimentation of a new system dedicated to the regulation of lighting, by the installation of 1,000 sensors of light poles, with which it will be possible to monitor traffic, levels of luminance, noise and air pollution. The project called DIADEME and financed with funds from the LIFE program of the European Union, was born from the collaboration between Reverberi Enetec, a company from the province of Reggio Emilia that deals with the technical part of the project, AGIRE (EU Energy  Agency of Mantua ), ACEA and the Rome Capital Department of Infrastructures.

Every single light point will be equipped with special sophisticated sensors able to monitor the traffic conditions and the luminance on the road, thus producing a significant energy saving and an improvement in traffic safety at the same time .

The information will then be routed to a central unit whose algorithms will evaluate the detected conditions. From these analyzes the levels of light intensity that must be supplied by the individual lighting points will be obtained, in order to comply with the requirements of the UNI11248 standard, pursuing a widespread, intelligent and real-time regulation. Correct lighting will therefore be guaranteed for each monitored area, depending on the data collected.

The project of installation and recovery and analysis of data will be completed by the end of 2019. The installed devices will remain, at the end of the project, available to Roma Capitale without any charge for the Administration that can continue to use the data. If the analysis of the measured values ​​will produce positive results, the project will be widespread and replicable in other areas of Rome.

A further objective of the LIFE-DIADEME project is the acquisition of environmental monitoring data through low-cost sensors; for this reason, every 20 points of light, will be installed of the control units, dedicated to the detection of climate-altering gases. These units, developed by a research center funded by the European Union, will be used for the first time in large numbers in Rome. They will retrieve information on the concentration in the air of ozone (O3), nitrogen monoxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and carbon monoxide (CO). This data should allow a precise and low-cost mapping of the air quality level along the pilot site routes.

The project is divided into two operational phases which provide for the gradual installation of the devices. The technicians of ARETI, an ACEA Group company that deals with public lighting in Rome, deals with the technical aspects relating to the conformation and sizing of the equipment as well as the installation of the same on the supports. To date, the first 109 lighting points have already been installed, while starting from October 2018, the phase will begin on the installation of the remaining 891 lighting points, LARGE TEST SITE. In total, the following will be installed: 1000 electronic traffic, light and noise detection, 50 electronic detection of O3, NO2, NO, CO, 30 electronic sensors for precision detection of road luminance, vehicular traffic and weather conditions.

The Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi said that Rome is looking to the future adding that the Administration is happy that this project can start in the Capital. The first town was confident in further and profitable developments for the city.

The Assessor for Infrastructures Margherita Gatta, participating in an inspection of EUR said that it is a new system that intends to promote a controlled use of resources and could constitute an added value in the activities of energy efficiency that the capital is carrying out on more fronts. Adding that it was a pleasure to meet the winners of the European project and watch these first installed sensors live, which will be followed by others and that this is an important step for the capital to experiment new opportunities and renew its infrastructure system.


ConEnergia”. The first Ed. of Sustainable Energy Festival in Mantova
Sustauinable energy festival in Mantova

Promoted by  AGIRE, the Energy Agency of the Province of Mantova, within the project Fo.R.Agri., ConEnergia Festival wished to open a debate on Energy Transition, an attempt to facilitate the passage from Linear to Circular economy. With the support of the Municipality and the Province of Mantova and the Lombardy Region, the Festival foresaw a comprehensive programme: the organization of two Events during Festivaletteratura 2018, study activities and laboratories on the Ecological Footprint organized together with some secondary Schools in Mantova, a film festival and an International Congress.

Mr. Marco Trentini, Diademe expert from Reverberi Enetec, presented the innovative solution on adaptive lighting for Smart Cities on Saturday 21st April 2018 at the International Congress, in the wonderful location of the Bibiena Scientific Theatre in Mantova.


LIFE Networking
Cyprus delegation in Rome

The Cyprus National “LIFE Contact Point” organized, as part of the Capacity Building project “CYCLamEn – CYprus Capacity BuiLding for lifE”, a study visit in Italy that took place from 12 to 15 December 2017 and covered the three most important Italian LIFE projects, as the issues addressed are of great interest on the island of Cyprus.
Among the objectives: to participate more effectively in the LIFE program, also through exchange activities with countries that, like Italy, are considered among the most virtuous in the context of LIFE.
The Italian LIFE National Contact Point welcomed the Cypriot initiative and the first day of the study visit – which was held in Rome, at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Environment on 12 December 2017.
Eng. Paolo Di Lecce, CEO of Reverberi Enetec, inaugurated the meeting by presenting the LIFE-DIADEME project illustrating its technical, administrative and financial aspects.


LIFE-DIADEME to Covenant Of Mayors in Minsk

On 13 and 14 December 2017, in Minsk, an important convention was organized for the Covenant of Mayors involving six countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). Objective of the meeting: sharing experiences, best practices, ideas and innovations on the topics of energy saving and energy management. The presence of Reverberi Enetec at this important meeting was requested by EnergyCities: the adaptive lighting system of the LIFE-DIADEME project, in fact, aroused much interest. Presentations have been displayed by introducing energy “policies”, projects and concrete case studies, allowing the exchange of “good practices” with respect to specific sectors. LIFE-DIADEME illustrated the expected objectives of the project, generating enthusiastic consensus.

Lux Europa 2017
Europe of Light in Ljubljana

The 2017 Lux Europa International conference “Lighting for Modern Society” was held in Ljubljana, in September 2017. During the conference Eng. Paolo di Lecce presented the project LIFE-Diadem and the new Italian street lighting standard UNI-11248 introducing adaptive lighting, in reply to the EU standard CEN-13201.

Lux Europa has been contributing to the exchange of projects, concepts and information dedicated to “lighting” world for more than 30 years: from the comparison on lighting themes to the sharing of the most recent results elaborated by the research world. Lux Europa supports the CIE and disseminates new knowledge and acquisitions, through a conference dedicated to Lighting that is held every four years in a different country. Lighting designers, designers, scholars, producers of the sector are invited to the Conference.

Vercelli Seminar
LED lighting, smart city and smart grid

The Order of Engineers of the Province of Vercelli and the College of Industrial Engineers and Industrial Engineers Graduates of the provinces of Biella and Vercelli, in agreement with Reverberi Enetec and 4-noks,
they invite you to the technical seminar

“LED lighting in Smart City and the role of accumulation in the Smart Grid”
which will be held on Tuesday, October 10, at the CNOS – FAP Sala Mamma Margherita Giovanni Randaccio, 18 – 13100 Vercelli

The objective of the seminar is to provide participants with the tools to evaluate the convenience, energy savings and operational benefits of adopting LED lighting in urban areas and residential renewal systems for renewable energy sources in the light of new regulations. Complete the seminar with a review of the challenges that the new Smart Lighting and Smart City concepts put on public administrations: providing new services to citizens while at the same time ensuring the right lighting at all times to drivers and users of the urban environment.


14 15 Registration

14 30 – Welcome greeting and work start

14 45 – 16 15 From Smart City to Smart Grid | What opportunities came from the AEEG decree on accumulation. Technical proposals for accumulation in residential.
ing. Erica Bianconi – Lecturer and consultant for photovoltaic plants

16 15 – 17 15 “Total Cost of Ownership” of LED Appliances – Case Study Turin
ing. Gianpaolo Roscio – IREN Services and Innovations Spa Technological Services Manager

17 15 – 18 30 The role of Smart Lighting in Smart City – the area sensors and the Diademe project. | Practical theory and applications
ing. Paolo Di Lecce – Reverberi Enetec – AIDI Board of Directors

18 45 Debate and work closure