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Lux Europa 2017
Europe of Light in Ljubljana

The 2017 Lux Europa International conference “Lighting for Modern Society” was held in Ljubljana, in September 2017. During the conference Eng. Paolo di Lecce presented the project LIFE-Diadem and the new Italian street lighting standard UNI-11248 introducing adaptive lighting, in reply to the EU standard CEN-13201.

Lux Europa has been contributing to the exchange of projects, concepts and information dedicated to “lighting” world for more than 30 years: from the comparison on lighting themes to the sharing of the most recent results elaborated by the research world. Lux Europa supports the CIE and disseminates new knowledge and acquisitions, through a conference dedicated to Lighting that is held every four years in a different country. Lighting designers, designers, scholars, producers of the sector are invited to the Conference.

Vercelli Seminar
LED lighting, smart city and smart grid

The Order of Engineers of the Province of Vercelli and the College of Industrial Engineers and Industrial Engineers Graduates of the provinces of Biella and Vercelli, in agreement with Reverberi Enetec and 4-noks,
they invite you to the technical seminar

“LED lighting in Smart City and the role of accumulation in the Smart Grid”
which will be held on Tuesday, October 10, at the CNOS – FAP Sala Mamma Margherita Giovanni Randaccio, 18 – 13100 Vercelli

The objective of the seminar is to provide participants with the tools to evaluate the convenience, energy savings and operational benefits of adopting LED lighting in urban areas and residential renewal systems for renewable energy sources in the light of new regulations. Complete the seminar with a review of the challenges that the new Smart Lighting and Smart City concepts put on public administrations: providing new services to citizens while at the same time ensuring the right lighting at all times to drivers and users of the urban environment.


14 15 Registration

14 30 – Welcome greeting and work start

14 45 – 16 15 From Smart City to Smart Grid | What opportunities came from the AEEG decree on accumulation. Technical proposals for accumulation in residential.
ing. Erica Bianconi – Lecturer and consultant for photovoltaic plants

16 15 – 17 15 “Total Cost of Ownership” of LED Appliances – Case Study Turin
ing. Gianpaolo Roscio – IREN Services and Innovations Spa Technological Services Manager

17 15 – 18 30 The role of Smart Lighting in Smart City – the area sensors and the Diademe project. | Practical theory and applications
ing. Paolo Di Lecce – Reverberi Enetec – AIDI Board of Directors

18 45 Debate and work closure



This year we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the LIFE Programme and of the Habitats Directive, both approved on 21st May 1992. Since then they have successfully contributed to the preservation of our unique European natural heritage.

The Habitats Directive created the EU Natura 2000 Network of protected areas which also includes the sites designated under the Birds Directive. Consisting of more than 27 000 sites, the Natura 2000 Network is one of EU’s outstanding achievements.

To mark the 25th Anniversary of the LIFE Programme and of the Habitats Directive, all LIFE project are invited to organise an open day in May 2017 or first half of June 2017 to communicate to stakeholders, local community and media about their work and to raise awareness of the considerable achievements of the EU nature legislation and the LIFE Programme in protecting our nature.


The bilingual (Italian – English) WEBsite of the Life-Diademe Project is now online, which will be continuously updated throughout the project lifetime.

As well as being rich in continuous information, it will become a tool to service not only those who work in the Life-Diademe program but all the stakeholders involved.

In this first stage of development of the site, in addition to a general overview of the Diademe project and information about partners and co-financiers, the various actions are described in detail with the expected results: the site will then become the status update tool of advancing of the project through it’s news and newsletters.

A “display” section will also be implemented on the homepage with a dynamic update of the test results: three counters will keep users informed of CO2 reduction, saved energy, and maintenance cost savings so that they can estimate the results of experimentation.

Pordenone seminar

Pordenone’s Order of Engineers, with the contribution of Reverberi Enetec, organized a technical seminar on: Island LED lighting in Smart City and the role of accumulation in the Smart Grid, which took place on March 28, 2017 from at 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the University Consortium of Pordenone.

The objective of the seminar was to provide participants with the elements to evaluate the convenience, energy savings and operational benefits of adopting LED lighting and residential renewable energy storage systems in the light of new regulations.

DIADEME project lands to LUX EUROPA


DA: 18 September 2017 – A: 20 September 2017

Reverberi Enetec will sponsor the thirteenth edition of Lux Europa, from 18 to 20 September 2017. The European Conference convenes, every four years, national lighting industry associations. Lux Europa boasts forty-eight years of tradition, and this year, after the Cracow, Istanbul, Berlin, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Budapest, Lausanne, Granada, Florence, Brussels and Strasbourg editions, this year will be held in Ljubljana, the capital of the Slovenian Republic. This year’s theme: “Lighting for Moden Society” will cover many technological and design aspects of smart lighting both indoor and outdoor.

We invite you to Ljubljana at the Reverberi Enetec stand for the presentation of the European project “LIFE-DIADEME” devoted to smart lighting in public lighting.