DIADEME Large Test Site. Where we are

Following the project forecast, the installation of the DIADEME Large Test Site in the streets of ROME, EUR quarter, began in early 2019. Out of a total of 1,000 light points to be equipped, in June about 70% of them were installed.
Both the Small Test Site, installed in 2018 and most of the Large Site systems have been properly tested and have already provided a data stream fully monitored and analysed.

The data analysis has been going on for months on an increasing number of light points and it seems to be enough clear that DIADEME is a new and affordable system dedicated to the regulation of public lighting, adaptive and distributed, developed around UNI11248. With the optimized utilization of distributed sensors to monitoring:-          traffic
–          luminance
–          noise
–          environmental gassesDIADEME system allows to ensure:–          remarkable energy saving
–          visual safety
–          reduction of CO2 emissions
–          reduction of maintenance costs

The evolution of research on materials from the installation of the Small Site to the Large Site has led to a number of improvements that can be summarized as follows:

–          size reduction of the appliances (70%)
–          utilization of the built-in box inside the Smart X-Tender
–          better positioning of sensors
–          Better connectivity with Air Quality devices
–          Redesigning of Air Quality box
–          Substantial costs reduction

The technical improvements during the implementation phase and a reduction in size and costs, combined with the advantages in terms of energy savings and emissions reduction gained, allow to be particularly optimistic concerning the DIADEME System and to suppose favourably a good and wide spread of the system once the project will be completed