The new LIFE-DIADEME “Banner” in Rome EUR streets

42 new Banners with the LIFE-DIADEME informative advertising have been applied on lighting points at the beginning of all the streets in Rome EUR district, where the adaptive street lighting control system is already active or ready to be installed, involving a total of around 1,000 lighting points.
Banners, completely redesigned in order to achieve a more immediate intelligibility of the message “Smart Lighting produces Energy Consumption Reduction”, are added to the first 10 already installed in early 2018, applied on the first Pilot Test Site (100 lighting points), always within the EUR district in the city of Rome.
A QR-Code has been applied at the bottom of each lighting point, easily accessible with the smartphone, linking directly to the DIADEME website that provides all the information about the project and the expected results in terms of energy saving, costs decrease and gas emissions reduction.