IOThings. Milan 3/4 April 2019

On April 3 and 4, “IOThings” was held in Milan, the most important Italian event in the field of Internet of Things technologies, a possible evolution of Internet network to increase the intelligent use of data communication. Eng. Paolo di Lecce, Managing Director of Reverberi Enetec and head of the Life DIADEME project, took part in the Round Table “IoT Technologies for Energy Efficiency in Public and Private Lighting“.

Becoming “Smart” is the ambition of many cities aiming to develop innovations to improve the quality of life of their citizens. Smart lighting not only enables cities to become more energy efficient, more sensitive and adaptable to citizens needs, but can also promote sustainability because urban spaces become safer and more comfortable. With the support of Universities and Research Centres such as ENEA, the discussion addressed the topic by touching on the key points of the question:

·         How cities provide additional services and infrastructures through smart lighting systems to improve quality of life.

  • Analysis of the applicable management models for the acquisition and control of strategic data supplied by the lighting infrastructures.
  • IoT lighting solutions for cities, business buildings and industrial areas.

Eng. Di Lecce presented the solution provided by the Life-DIADEME project, which is being completed in the Rome EUR district, one of the very first cases in Italy and Europe of Public Adaptive Lighting at the service of Smart City