Related project

In this section are listed EU co-funded projects with themes are related to DIADEME’s theme or with results that integrate its outputs. In addition, cross-DIADEME project projects are also listed through dissemination activities during the project lifetime.




The Po Valley of northern Italy represents an important non attaining zone for PM, NO2 and O3. This zone covers the territory of Italian northern Regions and includes several urban agglomerates such as Milan, Turin and Bologna.
Life PREPAIR project (Po Regions Engaged to Policies of AIR) aims at implementing the measures foreseen in the regional plans and in the Po Valley agreement at a larger scale so to strengthen the sustainability and durability of results: the geographical coverage of the IP is the Po Valley with the regions and cities that mainly influence air quality in the basin. The IP actions are also extended to Slovenia in order to assess and reduce pollutants transportation also across the Adriatic sea. Project deadline: 2024  –

“Dynamic Light” sviluppa soluzioni di luce dinamica allo scopo di sommare a una migliore qualità della luce il risparmio energetico nello spazio pubblico. Organizzazioni provenienti da 7 paesi dell’Europa centrale sono stati affascinati da questa idea e hanno formato un partenariato con l’obiettivo di utilizzare il pieno potenziale della luce dinamica nello spazio pubblico. Dal 2016-2019 si realizzerano 8 impianti pilota basati su innovativi concetti di luce dinamica. Focalizzandosi sul rapporto tra le esigenze degli utenti e la luce dinamica, il progetto mira ad una accettazione elevata della nuova tecnologia e alla realizzazione di nuove qualità luminose nello spazio pubblico. I risultati del progetto aiuteranno le città a individuare il reale potenziale d’uso della luce dinamica e forniranno strumenti e informazioni per l’attuazione dell’illuminazione dinamica nello spazio pubblico.




ELVITEN demonstrates how electric light vehicles (EL-Vs) can be used in urban areas and be integrated into the existing transport network of six European cities.
Proposes replicable usage schemes for EL-Vs such as electric bicycles, tricycles, scooters and quads. Our consortium unites 21 partners from multiple European countries.


  • Name of Project: Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks
  • Starting Date: 1 November 2017
  • Project Duration: 36 months
  • Total Cost: EUR 9.5 million
  • EU Contribution: EUR 7.8 million
  • Project Coordinator: Dr. Angelos Amditis (ICCS)

ELVITEN is testing different schemes for sharing, rental or ownership of light EVs through demonstrations in six European cities. The project evaluates the potential for light EVs to replace trips in cities currently made by car, van or motorcycle, for both personal trips and business trips (including use by companies for small deliveries).