Light and IoT for the City of the Future. Workshop in Rome

Light, in the digital era, plays new relevant roles within buildings or outside into the fabric of the city. Light creates different atmospheres in the city life improving the relationship with the environment. Planning in the digital lighting era means thinking light as a node of a more widespread system finalized to improve the quality of life of the urban community in accordance with the sustainability values in all the accepted meanings of the word: environmental, economic and social.

Organized by the Architects Professional Association of the province of Rome and supported by AIDI, the National Lighting Association, the open debate on “Light and IoT for the City of the future” was held in Rome the 14th November 2018.

Many speeches from Institutional representatives, but also best practices and examples from the professional world were able to open a confrontation on the possible design and development of the city of Rome.

Marco Frascarolo, Engineer, Lighting designer and Director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Technical Physics and Technology, Architecture Department of Roma Tre University, besides coordinating the Event, introduced and presented the Life-Diademe project: adaptive lighting as a solution for road safety and energy saving in cities.