Lux Europa 2017
Europe of Light in Ljubljana

The 2017 Lux Europa International conference “Lighting for Modern Society” was held in Ljubljana, in September 2017. During the conference Eng. Paolo di Lecce presented the project LIFE-Diadem and the new Italian street lighting standard UNI-11248 introducing adaptive lighting, in reply to the EU standard CEN-13201.

Lux Europa has been contributing to the exchange of projects, concepts and information dedicated to “lighting” world for more than 30 years: from the comparison on lighting themes to the sharing of the most recent results elaborated by the research world. Lux Europa supports the CIE and disseminates new knowledge and acquisitions, through a conference dedicated to Lighting that is held every four years in a different country. Lighting designers, designers, scholars, producers of the sector are invited to the Conference.