Vercelli Seminar
LED lighting, smart city and smart grid

The Order of Engineers of the Province of Vercelli and the College of Industrial Engineers and Industrial Engineers Graduates of the provinces of Biella and Vercelli, in agreement with Reverberi Enetec and 4-noks,
they invite you to the technical seminar

“LED lighting in Smart City and the role of accumulation in the Smart Grid”
which will be held on Tuesday, October 10, at the CNOS – FAP Sala Mamma Margherita Giovanni Randaccio, 18 – 13100 Vercelli

The objective of the seminar is to provide participants with the tools to evaluate the convenience, energy savings and operational benefits of adopting LED lighting in urban areas and residential renewal systems for renewable energy sources in the light of new regulations. Complete the seminar with a review of the challenges that the new Smart Lighting and Smart City concepts put on public administrations: providing new services to citizens while at the same time ensuring the right lighting at all times to drivers and users of the urban environment.


14 15 Registration

14 30 – Welcome greeting and work start

14 45 – 16 15 From Smart City to Smart Grid | What opportunities came from the AEEG decree on accumulation. Technical proposals for accumulation in residential.
ing. Erica Bianconi – Lecturer and consultant for photovoltaic plants

16 15 – 17 15 “Total Cost of Ownership” of LED Appliances – Case Study Turin
ing. Gianpaolo Roscio – IREN Services and Innovations Spa Technological Services Manager

17 15 – 18 30 The role of Smart Lighting in Smart City – the area sensors and the Diademe project. | Practical theory and applications
ing. Paolo Di Lecce – Reverberi Enetec – AIDI Board of Directors

18 45 Debate and work closure