DIADEME Workshops with the “Engineer Associations”

In the last two years Reverberi Enetec, Coordinator Partner of the LIFE-DIADEME project, has been organizing a Training Seminar in collaboration with the Order of Engineers of some Italian Provinces on the issue “Smart Lighting and Smart City“. It’s considered almost a travelling workshop. The aim of the Seminar is to provide participants with the key elements to assess the convenience, energy savings and operational benefits in the adoption of the adaptive lighting within a Smart City project. As a Best Practice it is presented the system developed in Rome for the DIADEME project, an innovative application that allows a significant energy saving while ensuring the suitable lighting for the urban environment in different hours of the day, with every weather conditions and for different users: car drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.

Only in the first half of 2019 the Workshop was held in the cities of Rome, Milan, Bolzano, Catanzaro, Trani and Ragusa.