Reverberi ENETEC
Coordinator Partner

Reverberi Enetec is an Italian company, which provides public lighting management systems. The Reverberi offer provides the ideal solution for the proper management of public lighting systems. The company has long experience in terms of energy efficiency for public lighting, intelligent lighting and both individual and centralized control systems.
Reverberi Enetec is ESCo partners, entrepreneurs, lighting designers and Public Administration, providing its technologies, solutions and services to support the new hi-tech challenges, such as Smart City, Smart Grid, and smart devices for smart lighting that enabling the public management of lighting nets, electrical networks, urban links to information networks, and full integration with renewable sources within the power grid. Reverberi is providing energy saving devices for over 2 million lighting points in Italy and in the world, it is gearing 200,000 light points per year with intelligent lighting solutions, designs and manufactures solutions for energy saving in public lighting through a correct management of the luminous flux.
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