CIE 2018 Smart Lighting Conference.
Taipei, 24 - 28 aprile

CIE first conference of the new CIE Topical Conference series, “CIE 2018 Smart Lighting” and associated tutorials on “Colour Vision and Healthful Lighting”, was held from April 24-28, 2018 in Taipei and hosted by the CIE Associate National Committee of Chinese Taipei.

This first conference focused on Smart Lighting, an area that is expected to bring significant energy savings and many other benefits. This topic needs scientific and technical inputs in order to progress development of technologies in regards to lighting quality, comfort, and safety.

Mr Paolo Di Lecce, CEO of Reverberi Enetec, during the events scheduled for 26 and 27 April, illustrated a report on adaptive lighting and the LIFE-Diademe project, developed in the EUR bisiness district of Rome city capital.