2019 Ending News

DIADEME at Ecomondo, Exhibition of Circular Economy
Life-DIADEME participated in the Ecomondo International Exhibition at Rimini, within the Reverberi Enetec stand, coordinator of the project, on 5/8 November 2019.
With over 90,000 visitors from 130 Countries, 1,300 exhibitors and 150 seminars and conferences with over 1,000 speakers, Ecomondo is the reference event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation applied to Sustainable Development. An international fair with innovative format joining in a single platform all sectors working in the Circular Economy: Renewable energies, Material and energy efficiency, Repair and maintenance, etc.
Life-DIADEME achieved excellent public success, even in not specialized people interested in innovative technological solutions able to ensure efficient public lighting, together with a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
During the Exhibition, the Life-DIADEME project was also presented as a Best Practice by the Head of Department of EASME, Agency of the European Commission, Patrik Kolar, on 7 November, during the Workshop “How to optimize implementation and management of services for the citizens”.
Another notable result achieved by Life-DIADEME !






DIADEME at Renael Workshop
In 2019 the Annual RENAEL Assembly, the Italian Network of Energy Agencies, was held in Rimini on 8th November, during the Ecomondo event. The day started with the Workshop “How to finance energy efficiency: opportunities and best practices”, an opportunity to present, together with national level experts, financing opportunities, business models and best practices on energy efficiency. Italian and European objectives on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources require an active role for all those subjects who, at different level, are interested in environmental sustainability. Renael has been working in this area for years with a range of diversified actions, from training to information, from technical assistance to the participation in European projects on behalf of associated Energy Agencies.
Mr Francesco Dugoni, Director of AGIRE Energy Agency of Mantova, project partner, presented Life-DIADEME, a particularly innovative solution of Adaptive Lighting for Smart City, developed by the project coordinator Reverberi Enetec, co-financed by the European Commission through the LIFE Programme and implemented in the EUR district of Rome capital city.



Rome City Capital. Signed the Cooperation Agreement
At the beginning of December, Rome Capital City signed the Cooperation Agreement that formally committed itself to the participation in the Life-DIADEME project.
Since the beginning of the project, the City of Rome has never lacked its support for strategic choices regarding the places where the Public Lighting Adaptive System would be implemented, also contributing to the publicity of the pilot test within institutional channels. We remember the post with videos of Mayor Ms Raggi and the former Assessor Ms Gatti on their respective social media and a press release issued during the work of the Mid-term Conference of Life-DIADEME.
With strong determination today the City of Rome continues supporting the project with an even greater attention through the participation in the main project Committees: the Steering Board, in charge of the organization and coordination of the project actions and the Dissemination Board, responsible for communication and dissemination activities. Rome staff will take part in all the project Meetings arranged by the coordinating beneficiary to organize works, responsibility and monitoring of actions timing, so to ensure that project objectives are met in a timely and efficient way, as well as to ensure that potential problems are dealt with appropriately.
A well-defined and encouraging collaboration for the implementation of the ongoing activities such as, just to name one example, the new “Cruscotto”, a Dashboard that visually exemplifies the results of the analysis of the data collected by sensors installed on 1,000 lighting points along the streets of Rome EUR district, bringing them into a few simple indicators: energy savings, cost reductions and emissions reduction.
Rome is getting Smarter !


The new DIADEME Dashboard
Based on data collected by the Smart Sensors installed on 1,000 lighting points involved into the Life-DIADEME project, in Rome EUR district, the project team created a new Graphic Dashboard to give a “Very Easy” user interface to the significant data flow generated by the system, so that it can provide some relevant indicators, for decision-making strategies, on energy savings and emission reduction.
In fact, the Dashboard provides indicators on the reduction of the energy consumption of public lighting due to the intelligent control and modulation of LED lamps, the consequent reduction of CO2 and the economic savings due to lower consumption. The Dashboard will also provide traffic information, a detailed air quality map and a noise map, integrating any other Smart City activities that the City of Rome has or will put in place.


DIADEME at Barcelona Smart City World Congress 2019
The 9th edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress was held in Barcelona from 19 to 21 November 2019. With over 20,000 visitors, 800 exhibitors from 150 Countries and 400 speakers, it represents the most relevant event in the world on Smart City and IoThings issues, a reference point for experts and not-specialists who want to promote a sustainable improvement of the urban environment
Many Cities and Regions, not only at European level, have met themselves to share the results achieved, or to discuss the best solutions to be adopted within a Smart City.
At the Exhibition Stand, the Life-Diademe Team of Experts was able to verify the considerable interest generated by the project developed in the EUR district of the city of Rome and, particularly, by the innovative solutions of Adaptive Lighting for Smart City now on the way of completion in the EUR business district of the City Capital. In fact, a large number of visitors was attracted by the DIADEME Stand asking for information on the project.



DIADEME new Roll up 2019 for Dissemination Events

The new Roll up DIADEME was unveiled in November at the Ecomondo International Fair in Rimini and at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. With the symbol image of the EUR district in Rome Capital – the Palace of Italian Civilization – the message emerging in the Roll up is based on simplicity and effectiveness, but in the same time it focuses on the objectives of the project Life-DIADEME: Adaptive lighting, measuring traffic levels, air quality and noise, to produce a substantial saving in energy consumption and Greenhouse gas emissions, with the idea of reaching “100% Green”.
With the end of the project, in 2020, two additional Roll ups will be realized, with a total of 5.