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ConEnergia”. The first Ed. of Sustainable Energy Festival in Mantova
Sustauinable energy festival in Mantova

Promoted by  AGIRE, the Energy Agency of the Province of Mantova, within the project Fo.R.Agri., ConEnergia Festival wished to open a debate on Energy Transition, an attempt to facilitate the passage from Linear to Circular economy. With the support of the Municipality and the Province of Mantova and the Lombardy Region, the Festival foresaw a comprehensive programme: the organization of two Events during Festivaletteratura 2018, study activities and laboratories on the Ecological Footprint organized together with some secondary Schools in Mantova, a film festival and an International Congress.

Mr. Marco Trentini, Diademe expert from Reverberi Enetec, presented the innovative solution on adaptive lighting for Smart Cities on Saturday 21st April 2018 at the International Congress, in the wonderful location of the Bibiena Scientific Theatre in Mantova.